Ode to a Treat Bag

Wanna hear a silly post? I'm gonna talk all about my Large Olly Dog Treat Bag (Amazon link is to Medium. They must not have Large anymore.). Here it is brand new when I got it in April 2016, shortly after I got Klaus. I had trouble finding a big enough bag to hold the mounds... Continue Reading →


May 2017 Our second longest road trip so far (with Klaus): Utah!!! Sunset Campground (my fave, view-wise) Moab Under Canvas. Luxury!   The Grand Canyon Bedrock City. Last time I was here, I was 3.  

Park People

My #ParkPeople saga started yesterday when I became a regular walker at my local park. The reason I started going to the park to walk Klaus is there are loose dogs, dogs behind unstable fences crazy and zero grass in my neighborhood. This morning as I approached our park I saw a man "walking" his... Continue Reading →

Pupdate: March 2017

Klaus is great! He's 97 pounds and almost 14 months old. We were completely ripped off with our previous trainer so we are starting with At The End Of Your Leash. Things are really tough for us both now that we are "detoxing" our previous knowledge and starting fresh. I'm confident things will continue to progress... Continue Reading →

Here's also a quick update with what's happening. I hope y'all are following my Instagram. That's where it all goes down. 🙂 Klaus is doing great! He's over 65# now and 6 1/2 months old. He's having mediocre fun in protection training (he likes bite work but not obedience). His IG is @megalodog.klaus. He's so photogenic!... Continue Reading →


So the inevitable happened. My mom and I took the plunge and now we are both puppy moms again! Here's my new buddy. Yes his paws are ginormous. Stay tuned for his massive growing journey.


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