FitPack Walkies

Do you have a dog with some social issues? Do you just want to walk with other dog-lovers and gab all things dog? Do you want to walk for fitness?

So do I!! The main thing about this walking group is… you guessed it… WALKING! When you just walk, walk, walk, the dogs eventually fall in line with no choice but to keep moving forward. Eventually, I would like to create a fitness program for people and dogs here in Riverside (maybe Corona too).

Still have questions? Email me at or post in the group.

Come join the adventure!!!

FitPack Walkies Facebook Group




(Liability Stuff: Obviously we would all appreciate it if your dog wasn’t a total, aggressive nutjob LOL. You must have control of your LEASHED dog at all times along with a reliable collar. Absolutely NO retractable leashes allowed. They are the devil. If you think your dog can’t handle a close pack, give him some space! You will be able to inch your way in before you know it. And duh, always bring poop bags and water.)